Charles Kelly BA CMgr FCMI

Speaker | Podcaster | Author | Property Investor | Digital Marketer | Former Financial Adviser | Immigration Adviser | International Recruiter | Business Consultant

Member of The Worshipful Company of Marketors in the City of London

Charles has been featured as an expert guest on prestigious platforms such as BBC News, Radio 5, and more. He is committed to helping individuals achieve financial freedom through wealth coaching, mentoring, education, effective money management, and the acquisition of valuable money-making skills.

He has published over 5000 articles, blogs, videos and three books.

How To Come To The UK To Live Work Or Study

Yes, Money Can Buy You Happiness – download now on Amazon.

Borrow and Grow Rich – available on Amazon in paperback, Kindle and audiobook on Audible.

Charles spent 25 years in the financial services industry working for banks, insurance companies and running his own practice. He has helped thousands of people manage and grow their money.

In today’s challenging economic landscape, where inflation, higher interest rates, and downturns prevail, there are always those who not only survive but thrive. What sets them apart?

The answer lies within you.

Your internal economy and mindset have a more profound impact on your financial success than external events. Recent events have exposed that many lack the financial resilience to handle unexpected crises like job loss or mounting bills.

But the good news is, you can take control.

Learn how to master your money in just 28 days, paving the way to wealth and financial freedom without sacrificing your life’s pleasures.

In this free live online training, Charles will reveal:

– The 3-Step Formula for Successful Money Management

– Strategies to Transform Your Money Mindset

– Techniques to Build Lasting Wealth

You Can Develop A Millionaire Mindset Whatever Your Current Circumstances Or Background

Charles will show you exactly how you can:

  • Not only survive, but thrive in a recession or depression?
  • Get control of your finances and spending?
  • Save and invest for your future?
  • Learn about money and finance?
  • Develop a millionaire mindset.

To help you, Charles is running a free training webinar.

3 Steps To Success Money Management and Financial FREEDOM!

Charles will show you get control of your money, learn how to invest and become financially free by developing a millionaire mindset – which is not about buying flashy things and looking rich!

Join him online on my free live money management training.

Register below to change your life today.

Check out Charles Kelly’s Money Tips Podcast on my blog, YouTube, iTunes, Spotify and other platforms.

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